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John and Shannon Walko

John and Shannon Walko

A planned gift isn't necessarily for someone older. If you are in your twenties or thirties and in good health, you can create an astounding legacy for future generations. Simply by purchasing a whole life insurance policy and naming the Academy or the General Church as the owner and beneficiary.

Three years ago, John Walko, a member of the Alumni Association for Bryn Athyn College, and a 1998 Academy graduate, did just this. With a minimum amount of money, his annual payment will be low because he is young, he purchases the policy and at the end of 17 years, in his case, the dividends in the policy will have accumulated enough in the policy to pay the annual premiums. John will never have to make an additional payment. In addition, the premium payments he does make in the first 17 years can be tax deductible.

The money this policy will provide the college at the time of John's passing can establish a scholarship to support a student. How great this is for a twenty something person to create such a legacy for the future.

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