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Sarah Headsten

Sarah Headsten

Sarah Headsten grew up, one of four girls, in Glenview, Illinois. When she was a junior she came to the Academy of the New Church as a boarding student. She said, "I was the lucky one." Sarah spent two years at the Academy and then two years at Bryn Athyn College before returning to the Midwest to attend Northwestern University. Sarah eventually returned to Bryn Athyn and has been an active part of the community and the Church for many years.

When Sarah Headsten's sister, Betty, passed away last year and left her a small inheritance, Sarah wanted to give something back to the Academy for future generations of "lucky" students.

We talked about her desire to establish a deferred (or planned) gift for the Academy, and settled on a Charitable Gift Annuity. Again, Sarah felt "lucky" to be able to give a lasting gift, but to also receive a current income from her gift.

Sarah's rate for her charitable gift annuity, based on a actuarial table set by the American Council on Charitable Gift Annuities, was 7.8%. Sarah was able to take a charitable tax deduction, and will receive quarterly, partially tax-free, payments amounting to 7.8% of her annuity for the rest of her life. When she passes, the remainder of the annuity will come to the Academy.

The annuity is guaranteed and managed by the Academy and General Church's financial advisors, State Street Global Advisors.

Sarah might feel she is lucky, and indeed she has been blessed, but the Academy is also fortunate to have wonderful, supportive, donors like Sarah who understand the importance of giving back.

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